All instructors have attained their ranks internationally and have a passion for teaching Tang Soo Do as a true martial art and a way of life (Do) to all students.

We are committed to bringing out the best in each student as long as the student is prepared to take the journey with us!

If you are seriously interested in true martial arts training and a disciplined lifestyle, come and try Tang Soo Do with us.

Founder and Chief Instructor - Master Ivan C H Tnay (6th Dan) Dan Bom #17072

Profession: Business administrator

Tang Soo Do martial arts practitioner since 1969.

38 years experience in Tang Soo Do, Taekwon Do and Chinese arts.


Senior instructor - Master Darren Thompson

Profession: Scientist

Practitioner since 1988

Australian team member 1999 England, 2001 Australia


Senior instructor - Master Damien Brady

Profession : Data Officer

Practitioner since 1989

Australian team member 1997 Malaysia, 2001 Australia

Instructor - Dr Gerri Marmor

Profession : Medical Practitioner

Practitioner for 14 years

Australian team member 2001 Australia